Our concept

To simply pursue the best savor of dishes, together with the delightful moments of dining.

“Koen” is a sister and brother duo-owned restaurant opened by the sister who achieved her carrier in a famed pizzeria in Tokyo, and the brother who built his carrier in Michelin-starred restaurants and renowned patisserie. They returned to their hometown with lots of gifts and hopes.
With their experience and talent, they serve borderless cuisine that goes beyond the norm.

Despite the evolution of food culture and the non-stop emergence and fading out of new technologies today, we mainly use “firewood”, the most primitive source of heat energy in our cuisine.

What is most important is not the trendy taste of the time nor the categorized notion of trendy food, but what a person instinctively feels and senses “delicious”; the simplest taste that attracts people to want to eat it again.

We use ingredients mainly produced in Yamanashi. We want you to savor the blessing nature of Yamanashi.

From the open kitchen counter table, you can enjoy the lively moment of the kitchen with the view of the bright flame of our firewood oven.

Enjoy the extraordinary moment of dining out at our restaurant.


Ryota Koike[the younger brother]Chef
Chef Ryota studied business administration in a 4-year-university in Japan. Completing all required credits in 3 years, he spent the last year pursuing his desire for a culinary carrier. After training at the present Michelin starred restaurant “Regalo”, he flew to Italy to further explore his passion towards authentic Italian cuisine. After returning to Japan, he gained further experience at Michelin starred French restaurant “Amour” and the worldly renowned patisserie “Jean-Paul Hevin”. In 2017, he returned to his hometown with his sister Mayumi to open their own restaurant.

Mayumi[the elder sister]Pizzaiola
The pizzaiola Mayumi graduated from a 4-year-university in Tokyo with a degree in nutrition. After graduation, she started her carrier at the product developing department of one of the major delicatessen companies in Japan. Then she shifted her carrier to restaurant business and followed her passion as a cook. She went through training for 5 years and a half at an acclaimed pizzeria “enboca Tokyo” and ran the pizza oven as well as the kitchen. In 2017, she managed to open “Koen”, a sister-and-brother founded restaurant in their hometown Yamanashi.